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Full Body Luxurious Zero Gravity Massage Chair now for only 39,999 pesos only!

Full Body Luxurious Zero Gravity Massage Chair now for only 39,999!

  • Reclining system to achieve true “zero gravity”, which puts less pressure on the spine and extremities.
  • Includes rear wheels for easy relocation.  s
  • User Height: 150-180cm (5’9 height)
  • User weight: 100kg
  • Nominal voltage: 220z
  • Product Weight: 140 kgs
  • It has four rollers that can provide up to 20 different combinations like kneading, Shiatsu, Knocking Stretch, and flapping, among others.
  • It also comes with a zero-gravity feature, smart body scan detection, and self-adjustment function.
  • Besides, this massage chair is an all-in-one machine that can be used easily, without the need to assemble.
  • Top Class Massage Chair. Design Patent. LED Lighting, Noble. It’s Very Beautiful.
  • Use Mold Manufacturing, PE Plastic Body.
  • It Can Be Used For 10 Years. Better Than Wood.
  • Foot 3D Roller Massage + Air Bag Massage.
  • Unique Foot Heating Function.
  • Unique Hip Roller Massage.
  • Unique AI Smart Chip. 20 Programs.

WEIGHT 40 kg

DIMENSIONS 80 × 90 × 120 cm

COLOR Brown, Cream



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